Skin Care Upgrade Complete

RENU28® is not another face cream. It’s a multipurpose, skin-priming,

age-fighting, cellular-rejuvenating gel for your whole body.

Reduces Appearance of

Wrinkles and Cellulite

Soothes Skin from

Minor Irritants

Eases Muscle Discomfort

from Exercise

RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel

ASEA’s RENU28® will revolutionize the way you think about skin care. Using patented technology, this powerful, multipurpose gel works best as an

all-over body primer to cool, soothe, and smooth your skin.

  • Clinically tested
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No artificial colors
  • Quality assured
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Cruelty free
  • No animal-based ingredients
  • GMO free

Don’t settle for the beauty routines of yesterday. Transform your skin from within with RENU28 Revitalizing Redox Gel.


Your Body Creates, RENU28® Rejuvenates

Although skin’s natural ability to renew itself declines over time, the daily application of RENU28 encourages 28 days of cell turnover for tighter and nourished skin—from head to toe.

RENU28 is full-body beauty that starts in your cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles, to calm red and dry skin, and eases temporary muscle discomfort.

Visible Improvements in Just Four Weeks*

• Surface skin cell renewal – 16%

• Skin texture – 22%

• Skin smoothness – 23%

• Skin elasticity – 20%

• Appearance of cellulite – 16%

*Independent studies conducted by Dermatest® and Stephens & Associates®.

A world-renowned dermatological research Institute, Dermatest®, conducted clinical trials on RENU28 with amazing results. RENU28 earned Dermatest’s coveted 5-star clinically tested seal, its highest possible commendation.


The way your skin responds to the redox technology in RENU28® is scientifically choreographed.

Workout Relief

After-Sun Care

Morning Routine

Men’s Skin

RENU28 Revitalizing Redox Gel is produced in an FDA-registered, NSF-certified facility and is certified by an independent third-party lab to contain active redox signaling molecules.


More Power to Your Skin

Redox is energy that powers all life. As the first company to promote the power of redox for cellular health, ASEA’s proprietary process produces life-giving redox signaling molecules.

Our patented products are based on decades of redox biochemistry research. And, for 10 years, we have been redefining health and wellness at the genetic level with meaningfully different products—products with redox molecules that are native to the human body and that work to enhance vital cellular functions.

Unbeatable skin begins with the

redox signaling molecules that

are in every tube of RENU28®.


Your Skin Works Wonders

As a pure, safe, and effective gel, RENU28® is easy to use. Simply apply RENU28 all over your body and to specific areas of concern to add smoothness, even texture, and increase moisture with soothing and cooling benefits.

Facial Skin Care Routine


  1. Gently cleanse face with RENUAdvanced Foaming Cleanser.
  2. Pour about a teaspoon amount of RENUAdvanced Balancing Toner into the palm or on a cotton pad. Press gently into the face and neck. Let the product fully absorb before the next step.
  3. Shake RENU28 tube and apply a liberal amount of RENU28 on face and any other specific areas of concern that need prime.
  4. Use RENUAdvanced Glow Serum into your palm and smooth gently over face, neck, and décolletage.
  5. Use RENUAdvanced Hydrating Cream to add hydration to your face.

Personal Body Care Routine

Our revitalizing skin gel is not just for your face. RENU28 is whole-body skin therapy that works to improve the health of your skin.


  1. Gently cleanse skin.
  2. Shake tube and apply a liberal amount of RENU28 to cleansed skin. Use on body and specific areas of concern that need prime.
  3. Use your favorite lotion to add hydration to skin.


Revolutionizing Skin Care

“I was hesitant to share this but, after my pregnancy and the birth of my son, I was horrified at the multiple bright red stretch marks all over my stomach. I started using a pea sized amount of RENU28 every night before bed. Today, four months later, I can look back and realize how much has changed! Not just the color but the texture and softness of my skin too!”

—Deni R.

“Both my 91-year-old mother and I use RENU28 every day. When we first started using it, we noticed a difference in about two weeks. Our wrinkles and fine lines appeared reduced. Our skin felt softer. And, today, both of us are looking younger and feeling awesome! Thank you ASEA!”

—Nadine D.


RENUAdvanced Skin Care System has been specifically formulated using Powered by Redox ingredients to fuel your skin’s rejuvenation and renewal. This means skin that looks smoother, firmer, and more hydrated.

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